Rules & Regulations for BSc (n)

For College

  1. All students admitted in the college must observe the rules and regulations that may be framed from time to time by the college authorities.
  2. All students are expected to maintain absolute self-discipline in the college campus.
  3. Student should comply with the grooming standards of the college.
  4. Students must respect and be obedient to all members of the staff as well as managing authorities of the college. The management has every right to ask the students to discontinue the course on the basis of absenteeism and indiscipline behavior.
  5. Students should carry their identity cards at all times and produce the same when required.
  6. Each student is responsible for the proper handling and safe custody of any apparatus or equipment that she may be using. In case of any damage or loss to the college property through misuse or negligence, the student shall have to pay the cost of repair or replacement.
  7. The students should present themselves in their respective classrooms/ laboratories 5 minutes before the commencement of the lecture/ demonstration. Every student will have to attend all theory and practical classes. They are not supposed to leave the college premises without permission of the Principal. In case of illness, permission will have to be obtained from the Principal for obtaining leave.
  8. Students are advised not to proceed on leave without permission of the Principal, otherwise they will have to pay Rs. 100/- per day during the period of their unauthorized leave. They will have to report daily at college roll call.
  9. All dues should be cleared before the examination.
  10. Use of cell phones,Ipods etc., is not allowed inside the college campus.
  11. The Principal of the college reserves the right to rusticate any student found indulging in acts prejudicial to the interest of the college or involved in gross indiscipline or immoral acts.
  12. Students are instructed to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Warden of the hostel may check the rooms at any time. If found guilty, the erring student may be warned or punished.

For Hostel

  1. Joining the mess of the hostel is compulsory.
  2. Students are instructed to keep their rooms clean and tidy.
  3. Students should not keep any medicines in their rooms except during illness.
  4. No visitors should be entertained by the students during college hours without the permission of the concerned authority.
  5. Parents/ guardians of the students are permitted to meet the students during the prescribed visiting hours. SECOND Saturdays from 1 PM to 6 PM and all Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM.
  6. In case of appointment of local guardians, their entire personal data along with photograph will have to be submitted.
  7. Students shall not accept any gifts or money from patients or their relatives or sponsors or visitors for any service or favour.
  8. An outgoing and incoming register will be kept with the warden at the hostel. Each student must enter when going out and coming in individually.
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